Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update on the *two* mother hens

Okay, so it turns out, the other hen was not just going to lay an egg, she was going to lay on eggs.

Okay, so here's who we christened 'Ruby'. After this picture, she went for her 'break'. I watched her go out and I was waiting for her to so that I could count the eggs. But, somehow, after Ruby left, another Barred Rock snuck in and on to the nest! So that when I opened the door to count, there was a chicken!

She wants in on this maternal experience too.

So, here's Ruby, back from her 'break' and I guess their discussing the possibility of sharing the duty of egg-sitting.

They must've worked it out because Ruby's settling in.

Sometime after that, they even divided up the eggs. My dad eased them off the nest to count the eggs and he discovered 12 eggs in the corner and 5 eggs in the front!!! 17 eggs!

I think that's a good number, actually, because it's possible not all of them will hatch and also because we don't know how many are roosters! And if they are roosters, we'll want to get rid of them. We only need one rooster and we have a good one.

Digory and his hens.

More on Ruby and the other momma later...

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