Thursday, December 30, 2010

Some snow pictures...

Before anyone can tell me "You said you didn't care if it never snowed this winter", I will just say, it's the cold and the inconvenience of snow I don't like. 
I think snow is beautiful!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Flashlights and sundials

"In the darkness, men can shine flashlights on a sundial and make it tell any time they want. But only the sun tells the true time. The flashlights are the changing and fleeting opinions of men. The sun is the eternal Word of God. Only God makes truth. Men either discover it or fail to discover it. They either interpret it rightly or interpret it wrongly. But they have no power to make truth or change it. For truth is no man's servant. Ultimately, the truth must become each person's friend or his enemy, his master or his judge." From Deadline by Randy Alcorn.

Are you shining your flashlight on the sundial of truth? Or letting the Son tell you what truth is?

Billy Graham Library trip

The Billy Graham Training Center organized a few trips to the Billy Graham library for the employees of the BGTC. I guess it was kind of our Christmas gift from them. Usually we have some sort of potluck dinner for Christmas, but someone always has to work it, so I think we all liked this option better.

I signed up for the same day as most of the hostesses I work with on a regular basis. Nevada, Gloria, Glenda, and Shirley had signed up for November 18th. We didn't know who else had. Turns out, Linda and Kory, a couple who works the buffet line, and Linda's son, Scott, had signed up. So it was just us dining room people.

We got there at 7:45 to make sure we didn't get left. The bus was leaving at 8:00 sharp.
Turns out we had to wait just a while. And while we did, this flock of turkeys came waltzing through the parking lot!

We counted 17 total.

Here's Nevada, Gloria, Glenda and Shirley. We had a fun time on the trip over.

There's the goofballs in the back.

And here it is. The beautiful Billy Graham Library.

And here's the Graham Family Homeplace. They moved it here from where it once stood since the 20's.

It's a nice little home.

This is the front sitting room.

And here's the office off the living room. Love the color scheme throughout the place.

A bright little kitchen. Notice the built in ironing board. I could use one of those.

And now we are in the Library. This is Bessie the cow giving us our introduction. Talking about "Billy Frank" coming to milk them at 5 in the morning with icy cold hands, and practicing his sermons while he milked them.

Here's a replica of the fireplace at their home in Montreat.

And this is Ruth Graham's wedding dress. What a beautiful bride she was.

Here's the ring Billy offered Ruth.

And I thought this was so cute. Click the picture so you can read the telegrams. Priceless.

Ruth grew up in a missionary family in China.

'Poor you'

Billy Graham had all sorts of things given him, including this motorcycle.

The simple, but central, message of the cross.

Outside, there's a beautiful garden. And in it, they have Ruth's burial plot. This is also where Billy Graham will be laid to rest.

Love it: "End of construction. Thank you for your patience."

A beautiful blossom.

The first wife of Cliff Barrows is also buried there.

The group admiring the peaceful location.

Love this picture.

A letter to Billy Graham from a Jesus Freak : )

It was a really fun trip, getting to just enjoy the people I work with. Also it was a great reminder of who it is we are working for, both Billy Graham and God.

It's really amazing what God has done through Billy Graham.  All the people that have heard the gospel because if his willingness to be a mouthpiece for the Lord. And I know you can't trust the statistics about the people who have made 'decisions' for the Lord. To some, they say the prayer, and they've got their ticket, never to think twice about living for God. But to others, when they hear the gospel, the Holy Spirit convicts them, changes their hearts and they repent and turn to Christ.
It causes tears to well up in my eyes!
I really am thankful to be a part of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, even if it's a small part.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Family name...

My dad's mother is here and we were talking about her family last night. She was naming all her aunts and uncles and amongst all the names she mentioned "Sunny". We all did a double-take and said, "What?"
She was my grandmothers fathers sister. So my great-great-aunt. Her real name was Sybil but everyone called her Sunny. She lived down in Fort Lauderdale most of her life. I wonder if that's how she came to be called Sunny?

Interesting. I never thought I had a family name...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something to think about

What We May & What We Do

by Abigail Fox
I say that I would die for Thee
But would I daily live?
And should my sorrow mirror Job’s
Would I thy praises give?
I say that I would shout of Thee
In countries far from hand –
But would I dare like Jeremiah
To speak out in my land?
I say that I would trust in Thee
Though all the world laughed long –
But would I build an ark like Noah
Against the currents strong?
I say that I would travel far
But would I dare stay still?
And face the world with Daniel’s strength
And say, “Such is God’s will”?
I say that I would wait on Thee
So patient and content –
But could I work as Jacob did
Till Laban did relent?
I say that I would follow Thee
Wherever I must roam –
But have I faith like Abraham
To face a place unknown?
I say that I would live for Thee
But would I gladly die?
As Moses did so long ago
With Canaan in his eye?
I say that I would ask of Thee
Just one thing, Lord, this day –
That you would give me grace and strength
To face what comes my way.
Abigail Fox lives with her family in England, where she writes, composes, smiles and makes the occasional film.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The completed dress

This dress was such a nice way to get back into sewing! No zippers, no buttons, nothing harder than sewing a curved seam.

Usually, I'm the type of person who rushes into projects and tries to complete them in one sitting. That, of course is impatience and a recipe for disaster! I have had to rip out so many seams, simply because I didn't take the time to plan out what I was doing.

A lot of sewing knowledge or ability comes from experience...which I don't have. But, you can also learn by reading the instructions carefully and planning ahead.

With this project, I was forced to take my time, and make the most of the time I had. It turned out so well, I think I'll do all my projects like this from now on.
I guess 'Slow and steady wins the race' applies to sewing too??

So here it is...

Very simple...

Very easy... 

Very nice... : )