Saturday, August 14, 2010

New project

I feel it in the air...a new project is coming up over the horizon... 
The 1940's 'Swing' dress from Sense and Sensibility patterns.

I guess the interest could have arisen from watching the Waltons and admiring the simple elegance of Olivia Walton. She always looks beautiful and put together, but very practical.

I only have a few dresses, which I like very much, but they are all long dresses. They don't really feel like summer. So, I've been wanting to find a cute little knee-length dress. Then I came across this pattern and thought, "That would be fun! I'll make it!" 

Now, to set aside the money for the pattern and fabric. I've looked at different fabrics and there are so many gorgeous, modern fabrics! Amy Butler has a gorgeous collection. I think I will be ordering from her website. I love these fabrics...

You can probably see I'm partial to greens and blues and browns. 

This is what the finished product *should* look like:
(Thanks to Anna at Pleasant View Schoolhouse)

I'd love to make more than one, if I get the idea of how to do it well enough. Maybe even one for each day of the week! Time to get the sewing machine fired up!

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