Saturday, August 14, 2010


Natalie's done it! She has reached a new stage in her life and made ours a little easier. 
She is potty-trained.
We had tried earlier this Summer to get her started with potty-training, 
but she was very uncomfortable with the whole thing and mom realized she wasn't ready. 

But last Sunday, something told mom that Natalie was ready. So Monday morning, no more diapers. She wet several times, and didn't really go in the potty. But the next day was much better. 
She started catching on and feeling like a big girl. 
By the third day, she had no accidents and was acting like she had a new toy! 
Now she will not have a diaper put on her for anything! To go somewhere and at bedtime, 
it has to be a pull-up : ) I am so proud of my baby--I mean-- *little* sis!

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