Thursday, August 5, 2010

A question posed to me today...

"If you choose to be a stay-at-home daughter, how will you meet potential suitors?"

You better believe that question has crossed my mind a time or two. And just like other things in life, it requires faith in the One who can be trusted above all.

My answer to her was:  Obviously God brings people together in college, and so He, too, brings people together outside of college. 

On the practical side, a major way is through conferences - church and homeschool. I've heard of so many people marrying after meeting at a conference. And I'm heading to one in December! (praying)

Also, we've had several people visit and join our church because they found our website. A 24 year old just moved here a few days ago from Ohio and he knew to visit our church because he found our website. He's probably going to be joining our church soon. 

So, while I feel isolated sometimes, God knows where I am and where 'he' is too. As long as I follow His lead, if He intends for me to marry, He'll cause us to meet somewhere
 along the way!

Now, I don't have it 'down pat'. Ask me this question when I'm discouraged, and I may just say "I don't know!". But what I wrote above is what I know deep down.

I'm doing my best to make Jesus my focus now, because I know that if/when I do marry and have babies, it will be even harder to be focused on Him!

The article that inspired that question, you can find at the Raising Homemakers blog.


  1. Good post.... the same God who has provided everything else in your life also provides husbands... in HIS perfect time!

    Trust in Him, treasure your time with your family (just as you are doing now!) and know that just as every day of being a married woman is a gift so is every day being single!

    Being a Daughter at Home is a high and noble calling!

  2. Sunny, you are a blessing in the home of your father and in the fellowship of the saints!

    I would rather place my hopes in the hands of a sovereign God any day over the bankrupt system of a fallen world.