Friday, June 17, 2011

Fail Friday

Yeah, so I missed Thoughtful Thursday. I have something in the works and I hope to get it published today. More about Prayer.

It's been a busy week and today is a little wacky...My appointment for a driving test is at 2 today and Mom discovered one of our tires was as flat as could be when she went to leave for the grocery store this morning. Daddy came and got it and hopefully will be able to get it fixed. 

Will get back to you.


  1. Oh No! did that just happen over night? I hope you're able to get to your driving test and that you do well.


  2. Yeah. We think we picked up something as we drove around an accident on Leicester Hwy. The guy at the tire place told my dad that he'd had 5 or 6 flat tires this morning, from Leicester Hwy.