Friday, June 17, 2011

Fail Friday, indeed

Continuing with that theme...I didn't pass my road test. : (

He got me for going too fast and my lane usage. Things I know not to do, but I guess with my nerves, I just  didn't think. My nerves always made me play too fast for piano recitals too.


It wasn't as involved as I thought it would be (I'd rather do the road test than the written test) and I get to practice for 2 weeks and ace it on the 8th of July : )

Thanks for your prayers...The man who did the test was very nice and didn't add to my nerves. And we stayed safe on the road. So, even though I'm disappointed with myself (I knew better!), I am excited for a second (and last) try.

Got the tire fixed, by the way.


  1. Oh no Sunny! :( I had thought to tell you above all to watch your speed but I forgot! You'll get it next time. :)

  2. Well, it's my fault. I've made a habit of fudging a little on the speed anyways. I know I shouldn't. It's hard, though, when everyone else is going a little above too. But, now I know, the speed limit on that stretch of Patton is 35!

  3. I got another ticket last week :( It's so hard to keep it at or under the limit, especially when you've developed a bad habit.

  4. Sorry to hear it! I hope all goes better next time!

    Yes - following the speed limit does often mean going slower than almost everyone around. Any time I'm going faster, it's usually because I'm going with traffic and not paying attention. (And even then, I'm usually going slower than traffic, but splitting the difference.)

  5. So glad you are sticking with it! Way to go. It is so much easier the second time, cuz you know what to expect. :}


  6. Sorry you didn't pass, but you'll get 'er next time! :) I'm hoping to do get my license soon. I really have to! I took the driver's test about 17 years ago, failed it, and never went back. :( But, this time, I'm going to stick with it and PASS it. :)