Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Sunday Afternoon Project

Miniature trees. 
I've always loved these things.
And so, I've always enjoyed looking at terrariums. Over the years, my mom has made a few; some with moisture-loving plants and also with succulents. She actually created one like this:

Doesn't seem possible...

Here are a few I love:

It just looks like there should be little fairies running around inside : )

So, mom was at Lowe's the other day and saw that they had some terrariums for sale, but they also had the plants and things needed to make your own.

I already had a container I wanted to use: an old glass "Lance" jar, inherited from my great-grandmother. It was probably used in a General store somewhere. I'll have to ask my grandmother if she knows anything about it.

So, I got the supplies I needed, picked out three plants and put it all together this afternoon.

Here's what I did:

Gathered my supplies. Which were:
Moss, pebbles, activated charcoal, soil, plants and a frog. 

First I laid down a layer of moss, to help absorb any extra water.

Next, a layer of rocks to let the soil drain. 

Next, a layer of activated charcoal to keep it fresh. 

Love how the layering looks! 

Then, another layer of moss and soil and the first plant.

So pretty and green!

All three plants in...I specifically chose three very different plants.

Here it is! Do you see the frog peeking?

My silly little dog...the proportions look wrong in this picture. She's smaller and the jar is bigger!

The perfect place: our coffee table.

I hope it thrives!


  1. Oh, Sunny, how neat! It looks beautiful...

  2. just beautiful!! I've always loved terrariums too.. Pam