Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heavy Machinery and Sunflowers

So, since I had to postpone the second part of my Thoughtful Thursday last week, so that I could plan for these cakes adequately, I thought you all might like to see what kept me from writing.

On this first cake I wanted to show the process somewhat because it was so unusual: a Printing Press.

16, count them, 16 sticks of butter. And that was just for the icing ; ) Hey, if you want *good* cake, you gotta have butter!

I baked two 9x13s, and cut a 5 inch wide piece from both. I trimmed one down in order to make the base of the cake 20 inches.

Here's some trimmings : )

Starting to put the vertical pieces on. The brown paper on the cake board were my pattern pieces I used as a guide.

All assembled and crumb coated. Phew!

My design and the product. (complete with a 'stack of paper' on a mini-skid)

Time to chill!

Putting the final coat of icing on. It was kind of challenging getting the icing in between each vertical piece!

Here is what a printing press looks like for real:

And here is what it looks like in cake!
A few details, a birthday message and it's complete!

Hope it was delicious guys!

This next one was for a Bridal Shower. There needed to be enough for about 50 people. So I made another pair of 9x13s and set them side by side: 18x13--the same measurement as a 1/2 sheet cake.

I was told they are using sunflowers for their wedding. So I came up with this design.

The colors they're using are dark teal and yellow. I personally have not seen that color combination, but it turned out to be gorgeous!

I remember praying while I was mixing the teal icing, "Lord, please help me make the right teal!" Because y'all know, well at least the females do, how many different shades of teal there are!

From what I was told, I think I got it right!

There is so much prayer involved in cake decorating...

Can my fellow cake decorators identify?

All packed up and ready to go : )

It's so rewarding to complete a cake to the satisfaction of myself and my customer!

So, both these cakes were made in the same weekend and delivered on the same day. Phew! I love a good challenge, every once and a while; ) And now, back to the regularly scheduled program.


  1. These are beautiful! :) What a gift you have, thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! They look amazing! I have never tried to make a "fancy" cake before, but after seeing these, I might have to try. Thanks for the inspiration! ~Jordan

  3. Thanks so much Sunny, everyone loved it and it was yummy!

  4. Wow, Sunny! I'm impressed! And yes, there is a lot of prayer involved in cake decorating. :-) Chocolate sprinkles for the center of the sunflowers? And a leaf tip for the petals? That's a beautiful design, too...
    With every new cake we get better and learn a lot, don't we?