Friday, February 10, 2012

Five minute Friday

So, I missed Thoughtful Thursday yesterday. 

But, I thought I'd try this "Five minute Friday" thing from The Gypsy Mama

This Friday the word is "Trust".



All my life I have been learning to trust. 
And I have been taught to trust. 
And I have learn who I can trust and who I cannot. 

The earliest lessons came when an infant. When I needed nourishment, I cried and I was fed. When I needed comfort, I cried and I was held. I learned early on that I could trust my parents and they showed me what a trustworthy person looked like. 

Sometimes, I have started off trusting someone but after a time realized they were not trustworthy. 
That's a hard lesson, but I learned to be a little more cautious with where I put my trust.

The ultimately trustworthy person though, of course, is my Heavenly Father. He ALWAYS has my best interest at heart and is all-knowing. I know I can always trust Him.


Visit the link and give it a try yourself! You might be surprised at what comes out : )

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