Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two quotes

I read these two quotes today and they really resonated:

‎"To love God is to love His will. It is to wait quietly for life to be measured by One who knows us through and through. It is to be content with His timing and His wise appointment." ~Elisabeth Elliot

‎"Does it make sense to pray for guidance about the future if we are not obeying in the thing that lies before us today? How many momentous events in Scripture depended on one person's seemingly small act of obedience! Rest assured: Do what God tells you to do now, and, depend upon it, you will be shown what to do next." — Elisabeth Elliot

I think I shall add Elisabeth Elliot to my reading list. Any recommendations for a first pick?

1 comment:

  1. "Quest For Love" perhaps?.....

    What great quotes! How can we expect God to use us in big ways some day if we are not obeying in the little things he has already given us?