Friday, July 8, 2011

Piece of cake...

Finally, I am a licensed driver! 

I got a different person this time, a woman, and I actually had hoped I wouldn't get the same person. So that was good. She was very no-nonsense, but not mean. I turned into the correct lanes each time I made a turn, I stayed right on the speed limit, I performed the backing, braking and three-point-turn flawlessly and we arrived safely back at the DMV. After I parked, she said, "Alright, very good. Let's go get your license!"

What took so long? 

It wasn't needed.

It wasn't necessary.

It just wasn't time.

But I feel very good about the timing of this and I am looking forward to using my new freedom in a responsible and helpful way. Such as...running errands, driving myself to work, possibly going to my piano students' homes if needed....

But also it will be fun to maybe go meet a friend for coffee, go antiquing, do a late-night ice cream run....these are just some fantasies of mine : ) Last night I was really craving some M&M's, now I can go get some!

Now, if only I had a car like this!


  1. Glad to hear it worked out this time!

  2. Yay!! Way to go Sunny! ;)

  3. HIP HIP HORAY!!!!!!!

    From Linda and family