Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Birthday Cake

In the last post, I shared a couple of pictures of what I wanted  my cake to look like. I knew that mine wouldn't look very  much like those, but I loved the idea of them. I'm all into the brown on blue scrolls 
 : )

So here's how my cake turned out:

I just recently had bought a square pan (for the marshmallows) and thought, "It would be neat to do a square cake with scrolls on it." So an additional square pan was part of my birthday present.

Mom found some candles that matched just perfectly. You can't plan that kind of coordination. And the roses...I just love the palest roses with the faintest pink glow in the center. Mom wanted to get some for my birthday, but you know roses are a little pricey. She saw these, and noticed one was past it's prime. She asked the woman in the flower department about maybe getting them a little discounted. Well, the woman agreed they weren't in prime condition and gave them to mom for a dollar! : )

I was so glad to celebrate with my two sweet siblings. (Natalie looks like one of us, doesn't she?!)

And, boy, was it delicious! The combo of the rich chocolate and the cool, sweet peppermint buttercream is perfect for a January birthday.

I had a very nice birthday and even got a present. I was given my favorite shampoo, some lavender lotion and a Willy Wonka chocolate bar. : )

I want to write about turning 26 in another post. I need to gather my thoughts, first...

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