Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It came!

My whole family has rediscovered the wonderful Waltons. Each episode is just so rich! I love how in each episode there is some crisis or trial or hardship that they as a family are able to get through. I feel like I can identify sometimes...
I would love to have a family like John and Olivia. Simple living, several children, country home, family business...But I would want a husband who would be much more of a spiritual leader than John Walton was. He had great qualities, but the most important, faith in God, was lacking.

I have found the best deals for the seasons 1 and now 2 on DVD through Amazon. 

I think the Fowlers are enjoying them too : )

Here's the list of the episodes in season 2...

The Journey- Johnboy takes drives an elderly neighbor to see the ocean before she dies. 

The Odyssey-Johnboy delivers a baby. (guest star: Sissy Spacek) 

The Separation- Grandma & Grandpa have a fight & Grandpa moves out. 

The Theft- John is accused of stealing & won't deny that he didn't do it. 

The Roots- Verdie Grant meets Harley Foster & asks Johnboy to help keep him on the Mountain. 

The Chicken Thief- Johnboy see Yancy Tucker stealing chickens & must decide if he should turn him in to the sheriff. 

The Prize- Olivia's old boyfriend, who is running for office, pays a call to the family. 

The Braggart- Hobart Shank, an old orphan friend of the family, arrives to stay with the Waltons until a baseball scout shows up. 

The Fawn- Johnboy becomes a rent collector, a hated landlord. Erin nurses an orphaned fawn. 

The Thanksgiving Story- Johnboy gets a visit from his girlfriend, Jenny & prepares for scholarship exam. 

The Substitute- Miss Pollard, a strict teacher from New York, is hired to teach the children. 

Th Bequest- Grandma receives a letter stating a $250 inheritance. 

The Air-Mail Man- A plane makes an emergency landing in the Walton's meadow. 

The Triangle- Johnboy gets jealous when Miss Hunter & Reverend Fordwick become a romantic couple. 

The Awakening- Mary Ellen get kissed by a college boy who doesn't know how young she is. 

The Honeymoon- While John takes Olivia on a second honeymoon, several mishaps occur at home. 

The Heritage- John considers selling to mountain. Zeb & Ester celebrate their 50th anniversary. 

The Gift- Jason's friend has a fatal disease and learns he going to die. (Guest star: Ron Howard) 

The Cradle- Olivia discovers she is expecting another baby. 

The Fullfillment- The Waltons try to convince their neighbor, who can't have children, to adopt an orphan boy who is staying at the Walton home. 

The Ghost Story- The children play with a Ouija board & believe they hear from the spirit of a young boy's deceased mother who is trying to warn them her son is in danger. 

The Graduation- The family buys Johnboy a suit to wear for his highschool graduation. He must return the suit for the money, when the family cow dies. 

The Five-Foot Shelf- Olivia & Johnboy get swindled by a traveling book salemsman. 

The Car- Johnboy does work for a man to buy a car for college. Afterward, the man refuses to give it to him because the car belonged to his dead son

Can't wait to get started!

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  1. i loved season 2- it was one of my favorites!