Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby chicks on August 12th?!

We are so excited to announce...we have a broody hen!

Nathan went out Friday to gather the eggs. He found one of the Barred Rock hens sitting on the eggs he needed to gather, which happens occasionally. He thought maybe she just happened to be laying an egg when he went out there.

But, Saturday, she was still sitting there. She even went into attack mode.

Sunday-still there.

And today, I went down there to investigate. I was the one taking care of the chickens the other time a hen went broody. I thought I might recognize the signs. And sure enough, we went down there and she came out and ran at us! Even her clucking has changed to a different sound. I wish I could see how many eggs she has. Mom thinks it could be about 6.

So, 21 days, the incubation period, from Friday the 23rd is August 12th. Will have updates as they happen : ) Maybe even pictures.

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