Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Word From the Other Side

Hello. Mrs. Ducker here.

 To any of my followers who might still be checking my blog from time to time, your faithfulness will be rewarded! Brandon and I now have internet access and my fingers are getting itchy. 

I am so excited to share wedding pictures and to talk about the blessings of marriage. Me and Mr. Ducker, after nearly 4 weeks, are happy as clams and two peas in a pod. The Lord has smiled on this union. 

So stay tuned...there will be exciting things coming up! Okay, okay. Here's a little peek:


  1. YAY!!!!! looking forward to future installments:)

  2. Oh Sunny! You are a beautiful bride! I look forward to hearing more of your story! I have missed reading your blog! Love, Jordan from Choosing Home

  3. Dear Sunny, you have been on my mind lately. Please contact me at A lot has happened this past year and I am desiring prayer. I know that you have been through a lot and are probably extremely busy. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Praying the Lord's richest blessings on your life! Sincerely, Jordan