Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday--Looking Back

Before I post a list of things I'd like to accomplish in 2012, let's take a look back at my list from last year and cross off what I was able to do.

1. Take a music theory class

Didn't get this one done. I keep missing the time to enroll! I think classes start on January 11, but I have no extra funds for that, so it may have to wait for the fall.

2. Begin to sell some of my handiwork

I did it! Yeah! Thanks to George, Nancy and Cara at Mountain Sunshine Farms, I have been selling my Star Hill Baby Knits since last March.

3. Get my drivers license

I did it! We finally bit the bullet, added me to the policy, and after two tries, I got my license on July 8th. Now I feel as if I've been driving for years. A very good feeling.

4. Continue to improve my jogging/overall health

I did it! Mom and I started jogging 6 days a week and as a result, we each lost weight. I lost 23 pounds! (Now I just need to get back to it)

5. Learn Chopin's Nocturne in E Minor

Didn't get this one done. Between jogging and working, it's hard to fit in an hour long practice session. But! I did get myself a new book of hymn arrangements that I WILL be learning over this year, one by one. Also, the Blue Ridge Homeschool Choir is due to start back up soon, so I will be learning all of that music as well.

6. Take a cooking or baking class

Don't need to do this. I have a kitchen. I can just start sharing some of the meal prep duties. I'll take a couple nights a week, plan, shop and cook.

7. Memorize Catechism/Gain a better understanding of Theology

Didn't quite get this one. I think I've gained a better understanding of Theology but I didn't really memorize any more catechism questions. I have memorized half of Psalm 19 though, and I plan to continue until I have the complete Psalm.

8. Start teaching a few more piano students

Didn't get this one done. Two was the right number for this year. I'm asking God to bring me at least 2 more students this year. And no, that doesn't mean I'l just sit and wait for them to call me, I will put word out.

9. Write on my blog regularly--hence Thoughtful Thursday

Other than a brief period during the summer, I think I've written pretty regularly. My plan for next year, is to write ahead of time, a few blog posts a week, and only post one a week. So, when I'm coming up on a Thursday and not feeling inspired, I can just choose from one I've already written. Any topics you'd like to see covered???

So, let's see, 4 1/2 goals out of 9 accomplished. I think this is good for someone who has never made any serious goals in the past. Next year will be better!

I'm working up a list and praying about my goals for 2012 and next week I'll be posting those. Are any of you making some goals for the new year? I've heard some helpful hints are: be realistic and be specific. I'm trying to remember this. I tend to reach for the stars when I just need to get over the next hill ; )

Well, see you next year!


  1. Congratulations on your accomplishments for 2011! I too got my driver's license this year ... right after my 21st birthday! :) I too failed to memorize more catechism questions but have grown in a deeper understanding of the Word. Your blog is lovely and I look forward to reading more posts! ~Jordan

  2. So excited to have a new reader : ) Welcome and thank you...


  3. What!? it's 2012!? Where did 2011 go!?
    This year seemed to go by so fast!
    Blane, Jr