Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday--What's my wall?

What's my wall?

What does that mean?

It comes from the book of Nehemiah and is a creative way of asking, "What has God called me to do?"

I went to a Bible study last night and this was one of the questions asked from the Pulpit. The Pastor began with an overview of the book of Nehemiah. 

How he was called by God to go and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah repents and prays for the restoration of the people of Israel. He goes to the King(whom he serves as a cupbearer) and requests that he be allowed to go and do this. The King grants his request and sends men to protect and assist him. When Nehemiah enters the land, these two men are angry that he has come. The two adversaries grow into more and they try to get Nehemiah away from the wall so that they can do away with him. That doesn't work. They send messengers, claiming that there are rumors about Nehemiah planning to rule Jerusalem. They even hire prophets to speak to him and who try to get him to go to the temple.

Nehemiah doesn't heed any of these tactics. He knew what God had called him to do and he was sticking to it.

How does this apply?

Well, when God calls us to something, whatever it may be, small or big, and we go about doing it, the Adversary gets to work as well. The Adversary is Satan. He doesn't want us to accomplish anything God calls us to. The Pastor last night even went so far as to say that the devil would be happy for us to have service from sun up to sun down every day of the week, if that meant we never went out into the world and shared about Him. I never thought about it that way. 

The Adversary has some predictable tactics, but sometimes they're delivered in sneaky ways.

First, he tries, in different ways, to isolate you. To pull you away from the work God's given you. To make you feel alone. He does this--

--Second-- to whisper falsehoods or accusations to you. To cause you to doubt God's word.

Third, he might even imitate God's voice. Now that's just downright dirty. We really have to know our Shepherd's voice, don't we?

I've experienced all three of these schemes at different times and at one time with a vengeance. Praise God, He stepped in on my behalf. 

So back to the original question. What has God called me to do? As an individual? I believe He has called me to faithfully serve my family. To be a help to my parents, to be an example to my siblings, and to minister to others from my home base. Do I do well at this all the time? Uh-uh. No. But, as I'm in this rock-tumbler of sanctification, I'm learning how to be like Jesus to my family and others. And someday, hopefully, to a family of my own.

So learn to recognize the Adversary's methods and keep building that wall!


  1. My walls are made of logs lol ;0

  2. "Rock Tumbler of Sanctification" - that's good. It really feels like that sometimes. Like ya don't even know which way is up. It is hard to keep focus then. But God uses His word as a grounding place for me, and there I find the "this end up" sign I'm looking for. Thanks for the encouragement, Sunny. ~CS