Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm in business!

For a long time, several years, I have experimented with different ways to create. Drawing, clay, painting, calligraphy, crochet, sewing, embroidery, cross-stitch, quilting, basket-weaving, knitting.
 And I loved the idea of sharing what I created. 

Of all the projects I have started, and the few I've completed, I have never taken that step. 
That step of putting my creations out there. Claiming I had something to offer.

Well, now, I have.

I came across these sweet ideas last year and fell in love with the design. After making samples of each, I discovered I really enjoyed the process of making each one. I wanted to make more! 
I thought if I was going to be making things for babies, organic cotton would be the best way to go, especially for the washcloths. And even for the rattles, which will probably end up in baby's mouth. For the shoes I still wanted to use cotton, but wasn't so concerned about them being organic. 
I did my research and found the most cost-effective organic and natural yarns so I can make these items quite affordable.

This is still a very new endeavor and we have yet to see if it will be very 'successful'. But, I'm enjoying the adventure. That's enough for me.

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  1. Everything is just beautiful. I'm happy for you! Keep up the great work! :)